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About Us

Rhody Lane is a modern loungewear line based in Seattle, WA, founded by Rose Anderson. Rhody Lane’s first product, “The Rhody Lounger" is a luxurious, flattering, and practical Robe.

“The Rhody Lounger” was born out of Rose’s own search for something to wrap up in on a cold rainy Seattle morning.

One morning while making breakfast for her children, Rose found herself constantly adjusting her robe, the sleeves, the belt, and the length. She searched online and in stores for a better fitting, more flattering robe. Something she could answer the door in, drive her kids to the bus stop, or work from home in. She couldn't find anything that remotely fit these needs. It was at that moment Rose decided it was time to re-invent the robe as we know it.

"When I started my research I would ask women what they liked about their robes and more often than not they would reply, 'Well, I'll tell you what I don't like!' They had all the same issues I did!"

After months of research, Rose finally figured out exactly what she needed in a robe and went to work. The vision Rose created is now a luxurious, flattering and practical Lounger.

"Early mornings with three kids can be a little chilly and I have found a way to be productive and feel cozy. I love that I can throw on this lounger and get everything done without having to adjust the sleeves and re-tie the belt. I love that this lounger is not bulky and the drawstring waist creates a very flattering silhouette. Everyone who tries this lounger on loves the fit! I am so excited to share this creation!"

Rhody Lane is named after the family home of Rhody Lane Founder Rose Anderson. The home sits at the base of a one hundred yard driveway lined with magnificent white Rhododendrons. 'When the time came to name my company, I only had to look outside my front door for inspiration."

Rhody Lane proudly supports Season of Miracles